Pioneers of Egyptian Tourism

Founded in 1956 by Egyptian shipping magnate and entrepreneur Mohamed Leheta, Menatours is the 49th registered tour operator in Egypt, and has since commanded a leading role in the tourism industry in Egypt.

As our world becomes more dynamic everyday, our heritage and history at Menatours compels us to
continually evolve through creative frameworks that allow us to leverage our experience in adapting to

and exceeding client expectations.

Mohamed Leheta, Founder, 1921-2012.

A Legacy Six Decades in the Making

The journey from a single office to an extensive national footprint covering all of Egypt through 18 offices has been a challenging and legacy building experience; one that has defined our corporate culture and continues to drive our passion for exemplary service today.

Today our leadership team, headed by Dr. Farouk Nasser, continues to expand on this legacy, focusing on maintaining and growing our position as a leading destination management company in Egypt.



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