The Menatours Advantage

Our extensive network and presence in Egypt affords us access to exclusive competitive pricing and upgrades at most properties throughout Egypt. Our Contracting Team has over 70 contracted properties across the country, and we are continuously working to bring the best and most unique properties into our contract network.

The relationships we have developed over decades, along with our stellar reputation in the market means that we have access to the most senior management at any property in Egypt, making sure that your booking requests always recieve preferential treatment.

Extensive Hotel Offerings

Whether your clients are looking for a romantic getaway or a rich family adventure, we know a place. Our veteran account managers are ready to work with you to craft the most amazing itineraries your clients will ever experience. After all, this is the land of the pharaohs!

Relationships That Pay

Our long and productive relationships with properties across Egypt, along with the strength of our balance sheet, means that we are afforded credit terms that very few other providers can receive. In turn, we pass those flexible payment terms to you, ensuring that your capital is used as efficiently as possible, and not tied up with properties across the country.



Talk to a Menatours Account Manager today and find out how we can help your operations in Egypt.